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Why Work With An Accredited Buyer Representative? 

Everyone knows a friend or family member who is a real estate agent. They may be a part-time agent who has another job and occasionally works in real estate.

While it may seem like a nice gesture to use them to buy your new home, not using an expert can be a financial mistake.

We are certified by the National Association of Realtors to assist Buyers.

Having a competent Buyer’s agent on your side means more than just helping you find a great home.

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What does it Cost to have you represent me as a Buyers Agent?

It is usual and customary for the Seller to pay all real estate commissions.  So it typically costs you nothing to have us represent you as a Buyer’s agent.

When You Buy With HouseMax

You Can Have Peace Of Mind Knowing We:

We use knowledge and experience to help you navigate local market conditions

Act as an advocate for the buyer during the entire home buying process

Actively negotiate price and terms strictly on behalf of the buyer

Prepare necessary forms and written offers

Assist in procuring property inspections, as well as provide advice regarding necessary improvements and repairs

Consult with the buyer about financing options

Attend the loan closing to help address any last-minute details and questions

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About HouseMax

HouseMax is not your typical Real Estate Company. We are your local One-Stop Real Estate Shop – Whether you want to quickly Trade-In your House for Cash or List and Sell it for Top Retail Price – We can help you!

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